Imaginary Friends #7

In fairness, what would YOU think if someone told you they’d ben on the Titanic, visited Ancient Rome… and Greece, had witnessed natural…. and deeply UNnatural disasters, and had three friends who were minions of the Devil but actually were kinda nice when you got to know them?

OK, I know what you’d think. Thorazine. LOTS of thorazine. Don’t forget to click the FB button to see today’s new strip.

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  1. mike

    ok, she needs to bring the trio with her to the next meeting. THAT will show ’em!

  2. Xavou

    I think I got that look when I first went to …. hmm maybe I should tell you guys that.

    AGH FIRST? NO WAY! first time commenter long time reader. MAHH HA HA HA

  3. Xavou

    P.S. that was Shouldn’t not Should.

    Where’s my pills? Did someone swipe them?

  4. Moku

    Aw, Luci looks so sad in the third panel. ;__;

  5. Court

    @Xavou: Welcome to the LPI comments section. And, may your long time reading here, continue. :)

  6. Startiger

    The therapist is going to need therapy before its all over with…….

  7. Golux

    Until the imaginary friends pay him a visit and he starts seeing things… Awaiting the hilarity when they rescue Luci.

  8. khamya9

    I’m just amazed they managed to stay within the hour. I suspect something very bad is responsible for that even being possible.

  9. Elfguy

    His final words to her before he totally loses his mind: “We’ll all be doomed if we don’t stop perversions of your kind!”

  10. Baughbe

    I went to a therapist once. He said I was A-OK! Even gave me a certificate…written in crayon.

  11. jeroen

    Luckily this will never happen to my kid. I do deeply suspect she’s an imp herself though…
    Then again, what else could she be!

  12. Filthy Pazuzu

    Thorazine? No, they wouldn’t give her that, no matter what she said or did.

    They don’t give it to anyone, anymore!

    Seroquel is all the rage now. It’s way better, because, uh… well, it’s a LOT more expensive, so it must be better, right?