Imaginary Friends #8

Oh no.

It’s like…

Well, there are actually so many things to “oh no” here, where do we start?

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Discussion (13) ¬

  1. Ghrey

    So they need to go along and see the doc.


  2. Ozimul

    Pain! Stop eating Butterpaws! ;_;

  3. Wizard

    Believe this, or the cat gets it!


  4. khamya9

    Haha. Was pain like saving that cat for lunch or was it just the first thing that happened to be near them?

  5. Elfguy

    Poor psychologist…the Imps are, no doubt, going to give him a lesson on “reality”

  6. Sicarius

    …poor Mister Butterpaws…

  7. Wicked

    :( the psychologist made Luci look so sad…he deserves whatever the imps end up putting him through.

  8. Mokiefraggle001

    …Doesn’t the doctor know that you need to touch something to disbelieve it? Clearly, the imps need to use this particular little rule against him. (Unrepentant D&D nerd and loving it)

  9. Mooharpist

    Love the hint of trembly lips on Alistair on the third frame (or whatever it is called)

  10. LunarKnight

    They need to take him time traveling like they did to her teacher…..

  11. khamya9

    @mooharpist usually in comics they are called panels.

  12. J.P.

    I want this therapist dead. ASAP.

  13. Joe

    The fact that butterpaws keeps coming back doesn’t help their credibility