Imaginary Friends #9

Looks like things aren’t exactly running smoothly on either Team.

Which technically would still be a win for Team D., right?

Hey, take the wins where you can.

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  1. Dale

    We had a question come in from Jazz L. today, that I thought we should answer here, because I could see how more people might wanna know the answer. However, I decided to pass the question to the Imps themselves. First, the question:

    “Really been enjoying the comic and keep ’em coming. Just an
    observation, which has probably been pointed out, but why is Tears
    checking out Luci’s butt in the banner picture?”

    And in response:

    “DUDE! You totally are! HA-HAR! That is so wrong!”
    – Pain.

    “Why I…. what…? No! I mean… I saw the hug and it was all warm and fuzzy feeling and I just, I was caught in the middle of looking away…. I mean… just…. NO!”
    – Tears

    “I think what we have here is a reader putting their own disgusting and quite possibly perverted feelings into something that is clearly a very innocent image. KUDOS, man! You are very much in the right place, and if you’re ever in need of a job, I’m sure I can put in a good word for you with the boss.”
    – Alisdair