Imaginary Friends #11

If Dr. Kanittvare doesn’t have some kinda psychologist-sense that is tingling right now, warning him of impending danger…. well…. I think that office space will be available for leasing real soon.

You don’t need anything tingling to see the new fun and games over on our Facebook page though.

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  1. Shirubia

    … So this IS how the imps look to us, the normal humans.

    … I think they are more creepy as humans.

  2. Moku

    I was actually just expecting them to just be in their imp forms with cheap disguises. They look so….normal. So do they look like human kids when they go to school with Luci?

  3. Ozimul

    And of course he’s not going to notice the creepy faces that this “family” is making…

  4. Grim

    Hmmm. Looks like a typical southern family to me.

  5. Dannysmartful

    This is becoming quite enjoyable. XD

  6. oNi

    Lil Timmy looks like a psycho-murderer in the last panel… his “parents” look scary, but not as scary as him… I think being alone with him to talk about his “problems” would not be a wise idea…

  7. Actua

    @Grim-You know nothing of the American south. If that was a sarcastic comment, you forgot the “:)”.

    Im not sure this guy deserves what he might be about to get. Then again, expectations are seldom the road to truth, and face value is like a fat wallet full of newspaper. What it’s worth can be decieving.

  8. Grim

    @Actua, I grew up and live in the south. I know these people, they are my neighbors.

  9. Elfguy

    Isn’t demons/devils being from “The Deep South” a joke from Little Nicky?

  10. Actua

    They dont sound stupid enough. They dont sound racist enough. They feel too new england.

  11. Eeep!

    Ummm…. I’m with Shirubia on this… Imps are WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY creepier as humans. [Shudder]