Imaginary Friends #14

Hey, you can’t say the guy wasn’t warned.

In fairness, this guy is trained to pick-up on the subtle clues and reveals people give without knowing it… when it comes to the Imps, it’s all there, easy to read, big print… and pictures.

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  1. Startiger

    hee hee hee, PAYBACK time

  2. Gort

    What happened to their disguises? A few strips back they were wearing masks, no?

  3. nicktwolf

    I can’t wait to see what they do to him

  4. Dale

    @Gort – What you saw a couple of pages back was what the good Doctor saw. To a logical mind, the Imps are obviously impossible, so with a little help from fake mustache, a wig and a hat, he sees a normal (if pretty ugly) human family. But we know the truth, so we see through the disguise.

  5. Elfguy
  6. Gort

    Thanks Dale. Finally, getting the premise now. Have been enjoying your wit for a while now.


  7. Wizard

    “Let’s get started then, shall we, Timmy?”

    Oh, yes, let’s.

  8. Dale

    Cheers, Gort.

    Klaatu barada nikto!

  9. Piggichoo

    lol pannels 6,7, and 8! Love it how Tears changes his emotion faces so quickly XD