Imaginary Friends #19

In Pain’s defense, Mimes… seriously…? ¬†Does it even count as a crime?

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Discussion (9) ¬

  1. Jadugara

    I’m assuming you enjoyed “Shakes the Clown”?

  2. jonwaynew

    lol Legos all over the place.

  3. Ozimul

    Legos hurt to step on, okay? That’s the evil-est thing he’s done on this page….

  4. Wizard

    Pain beats up mimes? I guess even demons aren’t all bad.

  5. Cassandra

    Shouldn’t Pain be handing out copies of “How to Be Popular: Become a Mime in Ten Easy Lessons”?

  6. Isis

    I find it awesome that he uses a cricket bat to inflict the damage to Mime #2. Awesome! And I totally agree with Ozimul. Legos are extremely painful to step on.

  7. khamya9

    @Ozimul, yes definitely the most evil.
    @cassandra, no Alisdair would hand out the book, because following the instructions would get pain to come beat you up

  8. Elfguy

    Yeah, Isis, it’s a sticky wicket, that’s for sure!

  9. jeroen

    Good, because a mime really isn’t a terrible thing to waste.