Imaginary Friends #20

You gotta at least give Dr. Kanittvare props for sticking with it.

Though likely as not, giving him valium might prove a better option in the long-run.


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  1. Grudgesettler

    They say everytime a mime dies, God makes a basket of kittens.

  2. Snowgods


  3. Kheda


    Loving the Brent ‘Panda Attack’ :)

  4. Jeroen

    No need to apologize, in fact please don’t.
    You need to wonder though, what did they do to the panda to get is so pissed!

  5. Van

    A mime is a terrible thing not to waste.

  6. Kaian

    Yes you should apologize!
    Do you realize how long it will take to clean the mime stains from that safe?

  7. Mooharpist

    Love the PvP nod. :)

  8. mattykins1

    are those supposed to be pirahnas in the upper middle panel??!?

  9. Isis

    Dr. Kanittvare’s therapist is gonna have a loooonnnggg session with him. Poor dude! Also, the flaming hair and attack piranhas are awesome!!!

  10. someboddy

    So Alistair – or should I say “Miss Fortune” – is behind the Panda attacks on Brent? Is he also behind the Ninja attacks on Ethan?

  11. Dale

    @mattykins1 – Yup.

    @someboddy – You may think that, but we couldn’t possibly comment.

  12. Mokiefraggle001

    Are those flying piranhas? I thought they were just humongous wasps the first time I looked at this page…but…flying piranha…the blue heck…
    Seriously, the rest of this–even the panda attack–is kinda plausible. Unlikely, but plausible. But how does one explain flying piranhas without delving into the supernatural?

  13. Eeep!

    Couldn’t help thinking of “Dumb Ways to Die” as I read this…

    Set fire to your hair (panel 4)
    Poke a stick at Grizzly Bear (panel 6 )
    Take Medicine that’s out of date
    Use your private parts as piranha bait (panel 3)

    Dumb ways to die,
    So many dumb ways to die
    Dumb ways to die-ie-ie
    So many dumb ways to die

  14. Melkior

    No need to apologise. Mimes are just another type of clown, and everyone knows clowns are ***EVIL*** ! 😉

    If you don’t believe me, just ask The Goodies for some tomato soup… excuse me… toMAYto soup. 😉