Imaginary Friends #21

OK, I might be speaking out of turn here, and I could be wrong…. but that Iago-dude, he seems to be a complete jack-hole.

That said, new non-jack-hole extras over on the Facebook page!

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  1. ArkaniusXII

    That angel is a bigger ass than most of the imps in hell.

  2. Schrödingers Katze

    @Arkanius Thats a common thing for the so called “good guys”. Thats why i allways go with team “bad guys”.

  3. Isis

    Dude makes you feel to punch him in the eye…with a screwdriver! Not that I’m condoning violence or am violent myself or anything, just sayin’, you know, he puts you in an eye-stabby kind of mood.

  4. khamya9

    I am reminded of the director’s commentary for Babylon 5. In the first episode where Mr Morden appears JMS starts going off about how much he looks like someone you just want to punch. For the whole time Morden’s on screen he talks about nothing but how much he wants to punch him in the face and that’s how he knew he had the right actor.

    I kinda feel that’s how I know Iago was perfect for his role. Because he elicit’s such a strong reaction from everyone.

  5. Joe

    If that’s the same guy Alisdair attacked at the construction site, then I can see why he’d be mad, but he seems a little desperate at times…