Imaginary Friends #26

You gotta wonder about those angels.

Though in this case…. maybe we’ll let it slide.

Just this once.

Hey guys, one of our readers reached out for some help.  An IndieGoGo fundraiser was started to help Ravyn Crescent.

On March 7th, she had a bad accident and broke her hip. She doesn’t have health insurance because she spends so much time doing volunteer work.  Ravyn was rushed into surgery, and now has a long and painful recovery ahead. As well as metal pins in her leg for life.  She’ll also need ongoing physiotherapy if she is going to heal properly and not have problems walking for life.  More info here…

Check it out and help if you can.  If nothing else, spread the word!

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Discussion (7) ¬

  1. Pikinanou

    aww its so cute seeing them together again :3 Lucy’s barbies might disagree, though 😛

  2. Ozimul

    Something tells me these two will not be angels for much longer with all these shenanigans.

  3. Golux

    So, Iago doesn’t have his glow generator anymore. Somebody’s probably welcoming him to his true home now.

  4. Kaian

    I think the big man is watching them and laughing his butt off.

  5. Eeep!

    Oh, if Al had seen the Angel swipe the dimmer switch before sending Iago to his just reward, he would have been so proud! That was a high five moment right there!

  6. Shadow

    Heheheh…. Good, good… Angels, come to the dark side! We have cookies! Fresh baked macadamia nut cookies, even.

  7. J.P.

    @Shadow Who says all demons are bad? XD