The Once and Future Bully #1

Hey, when Alisdair commits to a game of make believe, he COMMITS!

Also, new extra-ness over on the Facebook page.  HUZZAR!

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  1. Shirubia

    Queen Sujetador… Queen Bra?

  2. Melkior

    Misfortune is a GIRL?

    Somehow, disturbingly, that makes a lot of sense… 😉

    (j/k j/k j/k – for the morons in the crowd)

  3. Thisguy

    Does he have character sheets?

  4. Pikinanou

    Alisdair might complain to be the one stuck playing the “mom” all the time, deep down, he enjoys it 😀

  5. Isis

    That evil bastard Dark Mage Bragas! Man, I like Luci’s kick ass princess. Reminds me of myself as a little girl. I HATED playing the wishy-washy simpering, weak princesses. Huzzah!

  6. Eeep!

    Oh daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn…. I wanna RP with Al someday! Way to get into character dude!

  7. Dale

    @Shirubia – It probably means something different in the Dark Speak if Hell.


  8. jonwaynew

    The great part about being a bad character is that you rarely have to think of the consequences… except when your rep is now in question. 😀

  9. Shadow

    Oh my, is Alisdair finally accepting her transgeneder nature? This calls for celebratory cookies. *Passes out fresh baked chocolate chips*

  10. Charlie Spencer

    Gee, thanks Shadow! These are delicio-


  11. Ozimul

    You can be a queen if you want to, Al.

  12. someboddy

    Miss “Aliss” Fortune is quite the roleplayer…

  13. Shadow

    They aren’t? *Picks up rolling pin* Who’s been messing with my ingredients? WERE THEY EATING CORN?!

  14. J.P.

    Who knew Alisdair was a good story teller?

  15. Piggichoo

    1: That’s what I did as a kid Luci, you rock girl!
    2: Uh, I think Al DOES like being the girl, he sorta just adimited it