The Once and Future Bully #2

Great minds think alike…. or is that great mind thinks alike.

I’m confused, and I think this is only gonna get worse.

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  1. Elfguy

    Nice to see she’s still hanging around with the imps when she grows up…

  2. Pikinanou

    yay future Lucy! but wait, twice the imps, that can’t be a good thing for the humanity, right?

  3. Llama118

    Alisdair looks like David Bowie. I approve so hard

  4. Charlie Spencer

    Is Future Luci packing heat?

  5. Grudgesettler

    Ah, the future. Fashion sense died as lasers became more and more prevalent. Seriously, are you going to tell someone with a laser that their tie doesn’t match the shoulder guards?

  6. Eeep!

    Okay, so all I wanna know is if Luci Phuture would be able to purchase a flying car. Or did they jump straight to transporter tech in her timeline? Throw me a bone here, science! One of these things NEEDS to happen in my lifetime!

  7. khamya9

    @eep, with access to the imps, why would he need either a car or a technology-based teleporter?

    @pikinanou, two alisdairs in one place probably upgrades him from misfortune to catastrophe. Two pains in one place will luckily just go get something to eat.

  8. Startiger

    The EARS, whats with the EARS???

  9. Shadow

    Hm… I need to steal those ears. They look like good cookie ingredients.

  10. Lord of Time

    Is it wrong that I would rather watch their game? But anyway, I haven’t commented once in all the time I’ve been reading this, and I have to say, this is a HILARIOUS comic and I can’t wait till monday! :)

  11. Dale

    @Lord of Time – The game wouldn’t have lasted. Usually what happens is Alisdair and Pain get into a fight because Alisdair thinks Pain isn’t doing it right, and Pain says “it’s a game of pretend and this how I pretend.” This generally devolves into a slap-fight where both try to avoid being slapped more than they actually try to slap (heads leaned back and to the side as far as possible). Then they realize Tears is missing, so they all go looking for him. This usually lasts at least an hour and when they do find him, he’s crying in a corner somewhere saying “Why can’t we all just get along?” (This is fake, he’s been enjoying the past hour refining his technique.) then Luci has to go in for lunch. You missed nothing.

    And welcome to the comments. 😀

  12. Ozimul

    Future Luci looks really cute!

  13. Melkior

    It’s “help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi…” Uh-oh… my inner geek is showing! 😉

  14. Lord of Time

    @Dale I *might* comment often, I’ve started commenting more on the various webcomics I read.