The Once and Future Bully #4

Something tells me Future Imps know something we don’t.

That can’t be good.

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  1. Kheda

    Love the way Pain rolls up his ‘sleeve’ and there’s a tattoo up there :)

  2. Pikinanou

    i got the feeling fixing matty won’t be an easy thing, especially with the imps definition of the word “fix” :O

  3. Isis

    Pain’s reaction in panel 2 reminds me a bit of a Popeye cartoon. Huh. Who knew he had a tattoo…under his skin…wait, what?

  4. jonwaynew

    You know it’s bad when the gad guys make everyone else become good.

  5. Eeep!

    Is it just me or is that evil grin on Tears the most distressing thing ever? I’ve seen it a few times now and no matter what expressions Al and Pain are making, if Tears is grinning like that, it gives me the shivers. I mean, he’s normally the cutest and most sensitive of the three, seeing him get all mean and evil like that… It just ain’t right, man!

  6. Shadow

    …Okay, -this- calls for ‘eeek!’ cookies. Macadamia nut it is!

  7. Ozimul

    Pain, did you eat someone just for that arm gag?

  8. khamya9

    Seriously, pain’s “Arm” might be the creepiest thing he’s done yet. Well done.

  9. Grudgesettler

    Lou: *sigh* What’d your imaginary friends do now, and how much is this going to cost me?

  10. xaenon

    Am I the only one who thinks future Luci’s hot?