The Once and Future Bully #8

Yeah… aliens invading in the future really are the least of the Imps’ worries.

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  1. Lord of Time

    The only thing that kept popping up in my head was, “Isn’t Nermal the kitten from garfield?”

    And for the record, yes, yes it is.

  2. Lord of Time

    That would be yes (he) is, not yes (it) is. Whoops.

  3. jonwaynew

    Tell me that didn’t just happen. Please! Oh dear. *Covers eyes and peaks*

  4. Elihion

    The eyes, the beard, the grin… he could almost be a twin of a certain corporate angel…

    Perhaps this is the other side of the … ‘coin’ and we now get to see how the Imps deal
    with this by being ‘good’, where the angels were… ‘bad’.


  5. Mytla

    Ehi, ahi!!! THIS is just the kind of demon I LOVE 😀 … (you, yes you both “writer”&”artist”, yeah taslking to you: not fair, not fair!)

  6. Eeep!

    Okay, admittedly, this is way cooler than the “Cringer to BattleCat” idea…. infinitely more charming too. I imagine Mr. BP could, in this form, schmooze a chicken out of its feathers. Cuz y’know, FEATHER PILES ARE FUN!!! (Given the desk toys, there’s still a lot of kitty in this demon).

  7. Pikinanou

    i totally didn’t see THAT coming… omg :O surprise nosebleeding, i almost ruined my keyboard!
    btw i really like the little mouse toy on his desk, very cute :3

  8. Shirubia

    Did… Did Mr BP just turn into Sephiroth wannabe?

  9. ryu

    Holy- or rather unholy- CRAP!!!!! Noooooo, he’s like attractiveness + 100 dammit!!!! I really like him even more now.

  10. Moku

    -points in shock- So Pain has been eating that dude this entire time?!!
    And what about Mr. D? BP has been hanging out as his pet cat sitting in his lap, getting treats and getting pet. That is kinda creepy.

  11. LazarCotoron

    Well, there’s the Bishi Sparkles…

  12. Ozimul

    ….uh?That wasn’t what I was expecting.

  13. Infectious Midnight

    Meow!! ;D

  14. Valkaine

    You know who he reminds me of?

    “I can’t believe it’s not butter(paws).”

  15. Isis

    Rawr! Totally didn’t see this coming. So yummy! Evilly yummy! With a large side of cat still, based on the toy on the desk. Oh that smile and the hair with the ribbon. Lovely!

  16. Shivra

    …You draw Mr. Butterpaws as a humanoid better than most World of Warcraft/DnD/fantasy artists draw their bishi elves. For a moment, I thought I clicked an entirely different link after my eyes immediately ratcheted to that third(first?) panel. Hngh. WELL, I’m sure curious to see where this is going now. >_>

  17. Dannysmartful

    THAT, was unexpected. 😀

  18. Grudgesettler

    *blink* Um…. bollocks…

  19. Sarita


  20. Lazarae

    Can we keep him?

  21. khamya9

    Why do I get the feeling that pain knew exactly what he was eating?

  22. justalurkr

    I see a comic with comments that imply the character has been seen before and wonder if I really should finish that read through the archive, then I look again and go ooooo man candy and get all distracted.

  23. MavenDeo

    I just read the entire comic in one night. Even went through the trouble of getting my gravatar account active again. Love it. Keep it up.

  24. Shadow

    *Huffs* I’d best get to making more cookies… Grrrr… He looks -tastier- then them.

  25. SF Kitfox

    Oh my, horns and call that’s a pretty kitty~

  26. Ayshela

    I… would totally buy a poster of that… totally. umm. yeah.
    *tries desperately to tuck eyeballs back in place*

  27. Daph

    Ah, how far you’ve come, Mr. Butterpaws.

  28. Melkior

    Nice twist.

    A pity that this guy would be better cast as Mr D himself, since D used to be Lucifer, Son Of The Morning, the most beautiful angel in existence, before he made himself into D.

    But it’s still a nice twist. :-)

  29. Pantera

    OMG!! YUMMIE!!! the Kitty has become the KITTY SCRUMPTIOUS!! Where do I sign on to get ONE OF THOSE? 😉 MEEEEEEEEooooooooooooow! heeheeheeheee

  30. Wizard

    @khamya9 – What has Pain ever done that would make you think he cares exactly what he’s eating?

  31. Green Is Good

    Damn Skippy! He’s hot! If that’s the face of Evil, take me now!