The Once and Future Bully #11

On the plus-side, it does seem like Alisdair and Tears are learning from past mistakes…. and encounters with clowns.

And we have facebookage stuff too!

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  1. AstroTurtle

    You know, there is a very simple solution to this conundrum.

    If Pain eats the kid, then someone else will be president. Problem solved.

  2. Pikinanou

    @Astro Turtle: hahaha! true!
    as for the comic, i really like how Pain ends up holding his arm up with his other hand, i used to do that at school too 😛

  3. Eeep!

    Is Al subject to his own misfortune aura? If so, I see this ending in calls multiple emergency agencies, including our old friends at the CDC.

  4. Shadow

    I like your idea. I’ll get out the cookie pan!

  5. ...

    What could POSSIBLY go wrong?