The Once and Future Bully #12

It’s like….

I mean….


Nah, I got nuthin’.

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  1. Moku

    Is that the school groundskeeprt dude from the Simpsons in the second to last panel? Lol.

  2. Shirubia

    @Moku, nah. He’s lacking the scottish vibe.

    Also: ”Where’s Alisdair?”: The spiritual sucessor of ”Where’s Waldo?”

  3. khamya9

    This all reminds me of a news article I read about a teenager who was hospitalized by a pack of chihuahuas. All I could think of was that once word gets out his life was over. There’s no way to get over the humiliation of being mauled by lap dogs.

    I mean, the average 14-year-old could kill a pack of 20 chihuahuas just by rolling around on the ground and catching them under his body. So to actually get hospitalized by them… absolutely pathetic.

    I feel like the person in panel 5 is going to have that kind of a life. Also this kid is as broken as someone who got mauled by yippy little dogs.

  4. xaenon

    Save me from th’ wee turtles!

  5. Pikinanou

    doesnt look like its working so far…

  6. Pony

    Is that WIllie the Groundskeeper?

  7. Eeep!

    Can’t say Al didn’t try… but it looks like he might have to call it a loss. Misfortune, it seems, is no match for self-absorption. Pain might have to get the kid in touch with his inner imp, as only Pain can do.

  8. Dannysmartful

    It’s like Where’s Waldo, only more AWESOME~! XD

  9. JJC

    Looks like Groundskeeper Willie to me.