The Once and Future Bully #14

I believe in cultural environs, this might be called “Pain’s Variation on a Theme by Alisdair.”

Here in the Luciverse we call it a hot mess!

But did you really expect different?

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  1. Shirubia

    Looks like the turtles hate Groundskeeper Willie for some reason or another

  2. Axisor

    It seems to me that Luci befriending him would be the actual solution to this

  3. Pikinanou

    I was expecting a MIME! lol jk, I was expecting a bit more explosions and disgusting liquids 😀
    I also agree with Axisor, Luci will have to take care of it :3

  4. Joe

    Once again, Tears is going to have to save the day… Unless Lucy ends up being the one to bring victory

  5. misteline

    Personally I’d say the best solution is to ensure he never becomes president, and leave him the way he very well is otherwise.

  6. Shadow

    *Siiigh* You know, Pain, you make it -very- hard to come up with proper cookies. How about we let Lucy handle this one, hm?