The Once and Future Bully #17

Well…. in all honesty…. they couldn’t be LESS cunning than Mr. Butterpaws Pussford had originally thought.

Happy Memorial Day.


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  1. Seeen


    AHAHAHAHA… ha… heh… um… heheh… Sorry.

  2. Seeen

    Sorry for a double comment, but I noticed that in the FAQ, it states that the comic updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, while at the upper left of the website, it says every Monday and Wednesday. So the upper left is wrong. Or not. Either way, one of the two things is wrong.

  3. Pikinanou

    is it me or mr. butterpaws is sparkling? :) not that i dont like it… <3

  4. Shadow

    *Sneaky places tray of unbaked cookies next to the cat-demon-thingy.* Now to wait for twenty minutes…

  5. Dale

    @Seeen – I have clarified the FAQ…. for now.

  6. GreatComic

    ohh…. waited for so long to see again this guy and…..what happened to him? smaller eyes, or is it the nose? or maybe the lack of the smile? don’t know…. but first time was so beautiful, and now…………….. don’t know…..

  7. Joe

    They know you’re a demon, Butterpaws, they just don’t like you (or perhaps they like you as a snack too much)