The Once and Future Bully #20




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  1. khamya9

    the photos on his wall are awesome.

    I’m very curious what his goal is other than revenge on pain.

  2. Melkior

    Butterpaws is a bishonen. Definitely. His hair tells me so (and the pink bow thereupon). 😉

  3. Pikinanou

    dat hello kitty poster!

  4. LunarKnight

    The Grumpy Cat poster is awesome too…..

  5. Shirubia

    What does the Mr. Butterpaws demotivational poster says? ”Smile” what?

  6. #113

    That face in panels 2 and 4. He went from “b**h please”, to ” how can I use this?”

  7. Elihion

    Long blonde hair and pink bow not withstanding, I’d still prefer never to meet him.


  8. Wolfen

    Lol, love the Hello Kitty and Grumpy Cat posters, they are awesome.