The Once and Future Bully #21

Well, he’s only one man.


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  1. Moku

    Whoa, It actually worked. Maybe Richard Simmions really does have some demonic perkyness powers.

  2. Pikinanou

    Team G should recrute him :)

  3. LunarKnight

    The prone, non-moving body that is Tears…..I cant stop laughing

  4. AstroTurtle

    So, we have a Tears imp. A Blood imp is pretty much a given(unless Pain covers that)

    Is there a Sweat imp?

  5. Sarita

    Tears is pretty good at planking

  6. khamya9

    The trick with calling in help that’s better than you… is that it is better than you. I love the imps all demolished at the end there.

  7. Shadow

    D’oh, poor imps. *Sneaks them cookies*