The Once and Future Bully #22

This should be the mother of all tests.

I’m guessing there’s no Multiple Choice section.


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  1. Elihion

    Steady on Tears… I know he’s changed, but a day?

    Maybe a morning, with the afternoon reserved for recuperation
    and any necessary surgery…


  2. Pikinanou

    matt can see them, right?

  3. khamya9

    On hte plus side, I’m guessing that cheating is encouraged.

  4. Eeep!

    Oh no, guys, there’s a multiple choice section. None of them are GOOD choices, mind you, but between Pain and Misfortune, I can guarantee there will be options a-plenty!!

    By the way…. if you have a nuclear fallout shelter… this might be a good time to make sure it’s stocked and that it’s seals are intact. I’d move in Sunday afternoon… just to be safe.

  5. Dannysmartful

    Can I get an Alisdair plushie with glasses?

  6. Piggichoo

    Tears must hate Matty, and think he’s really changed!!

  7. Piggichoo

    OH i would choose Misfortune! Btw, I bet Pain was around when i fell and got a major injury… off the steps …