The Once and Future Bully #23

Matty!  On the case and working it like a boss!


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  1. Piggichoo

    wow. just. wow. How can matty hold that painter guy and survive that day!?

  2. Moku

    I think the future is in safe hands.

  3. AstroTurtle

    I’m surprised Pain didn’t eat the finger Matty was waggling at him.

  4. Random Guy

    The painter looks scared.

  5. Pikinanou

    im starting to root for Matty! yay Matty 😀

  6. Dannysmartful

    That’s funny, he just waves his finger at Pain. (LOL)

  7. Piggichoo

    @ AstroTurtle
    Me too … 0.o

  8. talantus

    you know.. seeing him going from bully to wimp this kind of kind actually makes my chest all warm and fuzzy inside now ^-^