The Once and Future Bully #24

I know one of the readers out there also said, “Jinkies!”

Don’t deny it.


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  1. Eeep!

    Yup! I’ll fess up, it was me!

  2. Pikinanou

    aww Tears puppy dog eyes are so cuute 😀

  3. Charlie Spencer

    Why do I think our boys have made things worse?

  4. Isis

    I’ll admit that I did say “jinkies”, then I started laughing. I love doing these things at work. My colleague looked at me funny, then moved away. Thanks Courtney and Dale :)

  5. Junbek

    I won’t admit it. Even though I did. Who said that!

  6. Plaid Wolf

    I didn’t say ‘jinkies”…..being a wolf, i did manage a “RUT-ROH!”

  7. Wizard

    Well, duh, someone said it. I think it’s actually required by law.

    Of course, I also said “Troz!”