The Once and Future Bully #25

Of course we could do it.

We’re, what you call, profeshunals!

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  1. Elihion

    Alright, Alright! So I’m late filling up the comments box! Eeeessh!
    I ran out of buffer, okay? Okay?!


  2. ranger

    so that means that old luci never went back in time in the first place is if she goes back in time will there be two luci and two sets of imps

  3. khamya9

    Those three are looking at us and not their future selves aren’t they?

    It’s really creepy.

  4. BApps

    Hrrm, nope…the problem is not what happens on the return trip but what happened before they left. “You’re not thinking fourth dimensionally!” If you change the past, you will never have gone back to change the past. In order to avoid the paradox, the old timeline must still exist, but that means they didn’t change anything except for themselves. That also means there was an alternate version of themselves that they displaced in the new timeline. It’s like killing your twin to take his place, not cool man, not cool.

  5. Kaian

    I am horrified. They went from the white jumpsuits to the red tank top and striped shorts.

  6. Daminica

    I have a question, what happens to Future Luci & Imps, because their entire history has changed (small ripple, big wave) and they have no memory of the “new timeline”. This means that the paradox is saved, yet something is missing.

  7. Shirubia

    But of course! They went to 1955, they had to change outfits to blend accordingly

  8. Charlie Spencer

    I’m trying figure out those things on their wrists. I guess the future uses the forearm equivalent of that high point of ’80s fashion, the leg warmers.

  9. XMinusOne

    Somewhere in 1955 Des Plaines, IL there’s a waitress in a burger joint going “Those kids were wearing some funny costumes, but they left a good tip.”

  10. Kahunabob

    Hah. So they stopped for a burger… Being a Dutchie I’m not quite sure where the first McDonalds was opened (or at least the location of the first burger joint that eventually became McD), but was this a shoutout to McD from team D?

  11. Isis

    Richard ‘s influence was so great that it affected the clothes worn in the future?!? My word! And it is very, very creepy that they’re not only looking at us but TALKING to us too!

  12. Pikinanou

    those outfits! lovable!

  13. Becky

    And in the future…

    The Rise of Richard Simmons is complete. His word will spread across the galaxy. His mighty Empire will grow from system to system.

  14. xaenon

    No way. It can’t be this easy.

  15. Becky

    They do still have Butterpaws plotting their impish downfall.

  16. Plaid Wolf

    1955, Des Plaines, IL…………….the first McDonalds of Ray Kroc? (explains the wildly colored outfits)

  17. Krahazik

    The red things on thier wrists are called bracers. In midevil times they were either decorative usualy made of leather or made of leather and metal as a defensive piece for deflecting blades. Thiers are probably made of cloth and purly decorative.

  18. Dale

    I can say the following…. they did make a stop at a burger franchise before it got “golden.”

    And to all you readers who are taking issue with the Imps claiming that they didn’t create a paradox…. have you guys been paying attention? Since when did they ever get anything COMPLETELY right?


    But I’ve said to much.

  19. DontarX

    But ain’t Time Travel Duplicates always doomed?
    unless they didn’t use the paradox correcting time-code

  20. Charlie Spencer

    Krahazik, “made of cloth and purely decorative”. Like I said, leg warmers!

    Thanks for the info.

  21. #113

    Those grins….smug little-oh hai luci, when did you gey here?

  22. Wizard

    Bracers are also used by archers, to protect the off-hand (the one holding the bow) from being slapped by the bowstring. Why future-Luci and the imps are wearing them is anybody’s guess. Presumably some sort of fashion statement.

    Actually, the original McDonald’s was located in San Bernadino, CA, and was run by two brothers who were actually named McDonald. The beginning of the modern McD’s is generally dated to the opening of a franchised location in Des Plaines, IL in, yep, 1955.

    So far, time travel here seems to run on “Back to the Future” rules, meaning that history can be changed, but time-travelers retain memories of the original timeline. I leave this open, subject to revision in light of future events.

    The most amazing part of this strip? Grown-up Luci even manages to make the Richard Simmons-meets-the-Jetsons outfit look good. You go, girl!

  23. The Doctor

    Hah! I knew if I set up a little burger joint in 1950, it would all work out!
    My work here is done.