The Once and Future Bully #26

Is that what they call a Tease?

Didn’t seem very tease-like.

In fact it seemed to possess all the subtlety of a house-brick to the face.

But come on, what did you really expect?

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  1. #113

    And there goes the fourth wall again… it was nice while it lasted.

  2. pikinanou

    looking forward to next year, then 😀 but now we’ll probably see more of mister butterpaws :3

  3. Piggichoo

    I had a dream … about Luci Phurr’s Imps XD I think i’m a very very big fan, in the top ranks at least…

  4. Dale

    Piggichoo – Just think yourself lucky. I have nightmares about Courtney!

  5. Plaid Wolf

    Really, guys….you SHOULD try to construct the Fourth Wall out of better material, or the building codes people will get on your case!

  6. vvwolfe

    Produce soem demon plushies for me to buy
    then ill have my very own team like lucy

  7. Startiger

    LOL Demon plushies!!!!! Hmmm Pain is full of needles, water squirts out his eyes, etc…

    hmm Mr Butterpaws a miniweedwacker

  8. Wizard

    Hmm, is this perhaps a bit of that fancy “foreshadowing” thingy? Dum-dum-dum