Factory Recall #2

I know what you’re thinking.

Where on earth have those guys just got back from?

And honestly, I have NO idea.

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  1. Elihion

    Isn’t it obvious?

    They’ve been over in the Disney-Star Wars
    Universe helping to… ‘revise’ the script…


  2. Eeep!

    Wait a sec… is that the Bacardi Bat on Luci’s outfit? Do we even WANT to know how that happened?

  3. pikinanou

    Pain is nervous about a letter? must be serious matter :O (lol i rhymed!)
    also, luci is so cute in her superhero outfit :3

  4. Plaid Wolf

    As i read elsewhere once….nothing better refreshes your memory of all the things you may have done that were outside regs when you get a message from one of the higher-ups saying “I need to see you….”

  5. Dannysmartful

    Awesome, love the costumes. 😀

  6. Random Guy

    Adventures at Comic Con.

  7. Joe

    Uh oh, Pain’s about to get his pink slip….