Factory Recall #3

And you thought the Human Resources Department at your company was bad.

After this episode, you’ll realize just how good you have it.

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  1. Plaid Wolf

    Wow…any friendlier, and the blood would be running off the page!

  2. Blue Sly

    Uhhh… missing red glove in second panel on pain’s shoulder. o.o

    Friendly writing from hell… worst there is.

  3. Wizard

    “We”? Got a mouse in your pocket, kemosabe?

  4. pikinanou

    friendship is an abstract concept… 😛

  5. Bacardii

    Wow – a Presidential reference there 😛

  6. Shadow

    …I can’t make cookies for this! *Flail* Poor pain… Oh dear oh dear oh dear… This… Should be interesting. And bad.

  7. Eeep!

    Okay… wait… This is PAIN we’re talking about here. The guy who was all chill and happy when Luci was spanking him way back when. What can they possibly do to him in terms of punishment that he wouldn’t actually enjoy? I’m thinking a month at a high end spa, each day being forced to get massages and spend at least an hour in a hot tub.

    Also, I think Al and Tears have the right of it… what’s this “we” business?

  8. Grim

    Departmental division of labor is what keeps the infernal wheels of an organization grinding. The sparks of creation that comes off the friction of departmental interaction are crutial for the paradym of the dynamic. To prevent seizure, middle management provides the grease of directed leadership bound by established protocols. Thus creating the blazing conflaguration that is the burning star of any business. To wit, the understanding of this process is considered a minimal requirement. Therefore all members of the organziation not in the upper tier of management will be required to attend weekly uncompensated meetings every weekend until further notice.

  9. Dannysmartful

    That reminds me. I’m hungry.