Factory Recall #4


Or I suppose, looking at Luci’s face, possibly badness is the appropriate word.

Perhaps there was no mistake in selecting Luci as “The Chosen One.”

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  1. AsimovSideburns

    You take her minion, and the GLOVES. COME. OFF.


  2. Elihion

    When she was good she was very very good.
    And when she was bad… .


  3. Kheda

    … she was better!

  4. Grim

    Never, ever, EVER come between a little girl and her favorite toys, friends or dessert. Even the full might of the underworld cannot match that cold calculating fury.

  5. Eeep!

    Hope hell’s ready for another harrowing!

  6. pikinanou

    they have angered the chosen one! run for your cursed lives!

  7. Plaid Wolf

    *in Droopy voice* “You know what? That makes me mad.” *…after a pause, all Hell breaks loose….or just breaks, until Luci’s sense of justice is satisfied…..*


  8. g

    I think we are about to find the true meaning of the saying “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”

  9. GraemeHart

    I’m getting an Agatha Heterodyne vibe from Luci. Not strictly evil, but definitely not good, and either way, certainly determined.

  10. jeremy3852

    its always the cute one…

  11. Shadow

    …Ooooh dear goodness. Fudge-crabapples. Weeeell…. It was nice knowin’ ya, hell. Any parent could tell you that this… Is bad.