Factory Recall #5

For legal reasons we should point out that the Joanie Crag Franchise has no connection whatsoever with any other similar sounding diety-type franchise.

At all.

No…. seriously!

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  1. Wolfen

    Highway…. well in a way, diet clubs do make sense.

  2. pikinanou

    haha everyone would think of a gate in ruins in the middle of a raging fire… but its much cleanier :)

  3. ghostwhitehorse

    Makes sense. . . being that it’s not election season.

  4. Dannysmartful

    Into the belly of the beast, this should be interesting. :)

  5. Sicarius

    *grins* and because of this I shall be heavily peddling chocolates to guests exiting our fitness center today…

  6. Elihion

    Soooo,,, all the things that are ‘bad for you’ are actually
    ‘good for you’… ?

    Puts a whole new spin on ‘You are what you eat’.


  7. Rüti

    A Girl like Luci have to go there. Vor Mens the entrance have to be the Driver license Desk