Factory Recall #10

Granted, they might have lacked the “Clockwork Orange” seat, but I think anyone who has been hired for a corporate job has spent some time watching just this kinda video.

OK…. maybe the tone and advice was a tad different, but still.

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  1. justalurkr

    Hell is endless compliance training. I’m still scarred for life by “jazz hands” during the ergonomics training. If they do the harassment video, you’ll find me in a fetal ball under the chair, thanks.

  2. Eeep!

    Oh…. oh dear. I think I just realized the hidden value of the jobs that don’t care enough about your safety to show you these. But harassment vids… yeah, yeah I’ve seen those. I think I’ll join lurkr on the floor if it comes to that.

  3. pikinanou

    poor pain… :O nvm what I said some weeks ago, Hell is not cool, I don’t wanna have the grand tour

  4. Wizard

    They’ve actually managed to overload Pain? ‘kay, now I’m scared.

  5. xaenon

    Heh. Love the connection between Hell and safety/compliance vids. Always suspected there was a link, now there’s proof.

  6. KentDA

    Sitting through that, with no way to shut out the sound … that WOULD be Painful.

    So … he’s getting a taste of what he dishes out to others. I mean, just like the Limbo strip, I could just see that being a form of Hell. Having to watch an indepth analysis of each and every possible minor (or major) injury that could happen on the job. They could probably keep you there for oh … ten to twenty years. Before they even started TALKING about employee etiquette!

  7. khamya9

    The real question here is once this is all over will Pain have changed at all, or will he just go back to his same old self.

  8. KentDA

    End result of this. Pain goes free. Probably a bit subdued for awhile. But he’ll bounce back.

    Mr Buttercups ends up looking like an idiot.

    Their Boss … if he hears of this, he’ll probably find it amusing. After all, the Chosen One entered Hell and Survived!

  9. XMinusOne

    Oh no, Hell’s joined the Nanny State, unless Hell is the Nanny State which would explain so much. Coming up next ‘Things you never were afraid of, but really should be: Part One – Sharp Things’.

  10. DanMercury

    I’ve just realized that the guy in the video talks about making sure the Imp of Bad Luck stays fully employed, when this plot is pretty much pointed to get rid of our three Imps…including Alisdair, AKA Misfortune.

  11. Wizard

    @XMinusOne – Oh, yeah, the Nanny State is definitely hell, just the kinder, gentler version. That doesn’t mean you’ll suffer any less, it just means the suffering will sneak up on you. Worse yet, it’s all for your own good. Decent, self-respecting sadists eventually get satisfied, or at least get bored. Those who are hurting you for your own good just don’t quit. Ever.