Factory Recall #12

OOOW!  A little social commentary today.

That should offend someone.


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  1. AstroTurtle

    Well, now I’m hungry.

    Thanks for that.


  2. pikinanou

    you bet they want to get in on this!

  3. Sicarius

    …I’m thinking a one pound burger with pepperjack, mozzerella and american cheese…tomato, pickles, lettuce, bacon….more bacon…a side of fries…a slice of chocolate cake…and maybe a nice light midori and coconut rum mixed with pineapple and orange juice….yep, that would be perect right about now…

  4. AstroTurtle

    Are we going to see the Special Hell, for people who talk at the movies?

  5. Random Guy

    …to hell with it. I’m going to go ate a dozen burgers with fries and a half gallon of icecream.

  6. Actua

    Luci looks sad…perhaps this will end badly…

  7. Wizard

    Dang it, Sicarius, now you’re just making me hungry. And thirsty.

    This kinda reminds me of an old SNL sketch. It featured an “All-you-can-eat” fish special. The catch? Not “all you want to eat”, but “all you can eat”. So after you quit ordering more, they just tied you to a chair and force-fed you.