Factory Recall #16

Well, that could have gone worse.

OK, I’m not entirely sure how…. but there is probably SOME way that it could have gone worse.

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  1. Curious Imp Fan

    That’s Pain for ya, causing all sorts of pain! Directly, and indirectly. (^__^)

  2. Melkior

    Time for me to gloat a little. I called it. Didn’t I call it? I called it all right!

    Sorry, Mr Bishonen Butterpaws Pussford. That’s a “no sale”.

  3. Jeroen

    Just a violent outburst, no disembowlment, no flaying… she’s not that bad off.

  4. pikinanou

    hey, i like that little madam, BAD KITTY!

  5. sebastiakitty

    I think that Luci is gonna show up and give him a great big hug because he’s a kitty, and then scold Pain for repeatedly eating him.

  6. Kelenius

    Oh hey, Grumpy cat!

  7. AstroTurtle

    Mr. Butterpaws, your every move makes Pain’s victory more complete.

  8. D

    Hey! Pussford! Stop doing Pains job for him!

  9. DanMercury

    Wait, Gluttony spends time in his circle? I missed it when the group went there.