Factory Recall #19

And again, this may or may not have been written based on painful…. um…. I mean personal experience.

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  1. towerwarlock

    A most suitable punishment for adults who make kids learn to play those things, just because their parents did it to them.

  2. Shirubia

    I agree with them, Violence it’s preferable to those things!
    Could only be worse if it had a chorus of off-key children singing christmas carols

  3. pikinanou

    violence for your eardrums :)
    those kids are so cute

  4. Kazeii

    Eeek, kiddo playing below the bridge!
    …In other news, not a single correct bowhold was to be found that day.

  5. mattykins1

    this would go hand in hand with recorders – those horrible woodwinds – that kids can never manage to play with out blasting out off-key, high-pitched whistles. given A LOT of time, they eventually become not terrible but the concerts parents must attend for them is a travesty.