Factory Recall #22


Looks like Pain has finally realized that the deck was seriously stacked against him on this one.

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  1. Ember

    Maybe she should have provided a pamphlet that was titled: “Noticing that the Demon Resource Lady has returned with a broken arm because you almost won this battle.”

  2. pikinanou

    …exchange program, maybe?

  3. Mjoellnir

    They are telling Pain to avoid himself? The poor deluded fools.

  4. Charlie Spencer

    pikinanou, that’s almost too much to hope for.

  5. DanMercury

    You know you are doing a bad job in counseling when you hand a pamphlet to Pain telling him to avoid pain.

    Oh, and piki had a really nice idea. I kinda grow fond of exchange program guy, especially since last panel.

  6. towerwarlock

    There is always the popular solution: Have someone who wields the sword Demonsbane pay his superiors including demon resources a visit. Demons slain with that sword NEVER reform or return. The same applies to any evil outsider. I played a lot of D&D back in the day, and my DM still regrets that sword falling into my hands.

  7. Ayshela

    oh, I think he kinda knew that going in to it, from the expression in the first page…

  8. 1gecko

    I dunno – I think ‘Buttershorts’ has royally screwed up. Oh sure, he might be the boss’ favorite, but think about it…

    he tagged along to be a pain in the a** to PAIN… what did he expect? Warm snuggles and a rewarding work environment?!? Now he is trying to be a *pain* to Pain – talk about trying to beat the master at his own game! This is basically Daniel-san trying to kick Mr. Miagi’s butt BEFORE he learned that Mr. Miagi was a martial arts master (much less trained) because thinking you are going to be a pain TO Pain is definitely lacking in the mental preparedness department! Only way they have a chance is to ‘kill him with kindness’ – literally! – and let’s face it, that is not their expertise!

    I am just waiting for Pain to suddenly grin and let the other shoe drop

  9. J.P.

    @Mjoellnir Indeed. If I may quote Kululu from Sgt. Frog: “This should a beautiful train wreck.” XD