Factory Recall #25

Well, SOMEONE is very good at the evil-thing.  Though I’m not sure it’s Luci.

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  1. Moku

    Call me crazy, but Rodney strikes me as more of a “Douglas”.IDK why. It has been that way with me since he showed up.

  2. Kyn

    Just want to point out, I think the colorists accidentally interpreted Luci’s fingers as part of Pain on his right (our left) shoulder.

  3. Joe

    They are slowly merging into one, after which there will be no hope, only pain

  4. Rüti

    I do not know why but I did no think realy bad about the Hell anymore.

  5. pikinanou

    luci is a natural 😀

  6. Grim

    OH that’s right, the express elevator only goes down…