Factory Recall #26


Oh dear….

Oh deary me….

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  1. Mord_Sith

    Butterpaws should really know better than to throw a hissyfit 😛

  2. grim

    Butterpaws VS The Chosen One (plus 3)
    Double elimination cage match
    No Holds Barred

    Give me a thou on The Chosen One

  3. pikinanou

    you want to get rid of all of her imps? bad idea, kittyboy, reaallyy bad idea… don’t say I didn’t warn you.

  4. khamya9

    Well he finally figured out they work best as a team. I will say that being evil teamwork is not the first assumption one would look into. But I’m also willing to bet that his next attempt doesn’t end up any more successful for him.

    Really, he’d better give up before things get really bad.

  5. towerwarlock

    Sounds like Demon Resources needs to reassign him to somewhere else, somewhere he could truly be productive. I wonder how he would handle an exchange program?

  6. texan1972

    what is the deal with the chosen one thing anyway or is that saying to much

  7. Elihion

    In 2013, a team of crack imps escaped from a maximum security circle of Hell.
    If you can find them… you too can hire… the L-Team. Da-dah-da-dah…


  8. Elfguy

    Butterpaws better look out…his hair is starting to turn pointy!


  9. Hikaru

    Butterpaws is REEEEALLY over thinking things.