Tooth Fairy #1

This is not good.

In fact, it’s more like that other thing.

The complete opposite of good.

Which admittedly, might be fun to watch.

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  1. Pvblivs

    I believe he has miscounted. I count FOUR — Pain, Tears, Misfortune, and Luci.

  2. Me

    Tooth Fairy?

    Also, i want female version of mr. Butterpaws.

  3. argentlupus

    What he fail to realize is this…all three of them are MORE powerful than he.

  4. Solas

    He’s realized the Misfortune now, but he clearly hasn’t yet come to grips with the Tears.

  5. AstroTurtle

    By their powers combined…

    Also, kitty is going to get smacked on the nose for make a mess. Messy kitty!

  6. sebastiakitty

    Lucy has to scold him. Please tell me we get to see Lucy scold him!

  7. Dale

    @Me – Yeah, we’re starting a new arc…. can ya guess the guest star?

  8. towerwarlock

    OK, enough is enough. Tie that jerk to a chair and force him to watch 1000 years of reruns of Barney the Purple Dinosaur. Then ship him off to assist Mrs. G for 1000 years doing nice things.

  9. Piggiechoo

    Um.. I think we should save that punishment for when he [tries to] kill on of them. Barney Re-runs, I mean.

    No! No! Not the Tooth Fairy Dale! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Okay why are we so afraid again?