Tooth Fairy #5

So now you know.

I hope you were all paying attention. ┬áThere’s a good chance this WILL be on the Test.

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Discussion (4) ¬

  1. pikinanou

    Is the reason he’s upside down will also be on the test? :)

  2. Random Guy

    Thank the internets he wasn’t the Imp of Brony Rage.

  3. Zaza

    I’m guessing that the reason Tears and Alistair can remember so much about BR is that Buyer’s remorse is often tied to misfortune (if i hadn’t wasted that money i could fix this, or i ran up so much debt i cant afford to keep my house type scenarios) and as such result in liberal use of tears.

  4. khamya9

    Zaza, those were my thoughts exactly.