Tooth Fairy #8

And now, the more astute readers will have put the pieces together and worked out the plan.

I’d explain that plan to the readers who are slower on the up-take…. but here at Luci Phurr’s Imps Industries, we pride ourselves on having only the smartest, astutest and, dare I say it…?  Sexiest readers on the whole interwebs.

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  1. Pvblivs

    Nah. I read your comic. So sexy is out.

  2. Iceburgh69

    Pack it with Ghost Pepper!

  3. Snowgods

    how much does an Imp Tooth go for on the black market?

  4. Moku

    Well, Al did say there would be lots of hurting.

  5. Melkior

    I figured out the plan several strips back. It was only now that I figured out the “who”. 😉

  6. Grim

    Dare, DARE! Say It!

  7. pikinanou

    haha now i get it 😛

  8. Piggiechoo

    And here’s the pain, Pain.
    I figured it out on the fourth comic.
    I Knew they would use Pain’s!!
    He regrows them quick and painful, I presume. Wait a minute………. CURSE YOU PAIN!!!!!!!!

  9. khamya9

    Actually the real question is does the plan involve:
    1. bulk sales
    2. kidnapping and resale on the slave market
    3. straight up extortion
    4. something I haven’t thought of yet
    5. All of the above

  10. ANR Daemon

    I almost figured it out fromt the previous panel. The Pain’s face and question was telling it. Neverthless, it was funny to watch to plan moving.