Tooth Fairy #9

Tears has a point.

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  1. Elihion

    Oh dear…

    ‘The Tooth hurts… ‘
    ‘The Tooth, And nothing but the Tooth…’
    ‘The Tooth? You can’t handle the Tooth!’

    Okay… I think I got the most obvious ones out of the way…

    Phew! No no, no need to thank me…


  2. Grim

    My Name is Indigo Montoyez, you ate my kitten, prepare to diet.

  3. Moku

    You have an imp that is the embodyment of misfortune asking: “What could go wrong?”
    I’m sure he is well aware. Lol.

  4. someboddy

    I approve of Tears’ message!

  5. pikinanou

    and i approve of someboddy’s avatar 😀

  6. Dannysmartful

    I am sure on the black market an Imp tooth would fetch a pretty penny as an aphrodisiac or something. . .

  7. LittleOne

    I’m looking forward to meeting the Tooth Fairy!

  8. Eeep!

    Danny, please remember that is PAIN’s tooth… I’m don’t think you could get away with the stuff a Pain-based aphrodisiac would inspire. I’m pretty sure there’s like… international law that prohibits that kind of thing. If there isn’t… there REALLY SHOULD BE! [Shudder]

    Also Tears ending line there is one of the best references to that movie I’ve heard in a while. :)

  9. Random Guy

    Eeep! …Folsom Fair…