Tooth Fairy #10

That is both sparkly in the extreme, and a very solid looking hand.

Could this put a crimp in the Imps plan?

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  1. pikinanou

    oh-em-gee, what kind of face goes with that hand?!

  2. Moku

    Khaki pants, big hands, and hairy arms. I glad you guys went this route for the tooth fairy.

  3. khamya9

    This tooth fairy reminds me of two, both very horrible and awesome, things:
    #1 the cherub from Supernatural
    #1 the tooth fairy from Supermegatopia back when it was actually a comic site.

  4. Snowgods

    it’s obviously a fairy, not a faerie

  5. Kheda

    Chuck Norris is the Tooth Fairy?

  6. Melkior

    That bag marked “TEETH” reminds me so much of a comedy scene in a play my mother told me about.

    Roman Emperor: “Friends! Romans! Countrymen! Lend me your ears!”
    Crowd Member: “What have you got in that sack?”
    Roman Emperor: “Ears!”

  7. JJC

    @Kheda: if so, then they’re never getting anything out of him.