Tooth Fairy #11

Words escape me.  This is the Tooth Fairy?

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  1. Eeep!

    Wow… I… um…. words… I had words…. they’re gone now.

    Also… Holy SHOES the lighting is AMAZING!

  2. Piggiechoo

    Words Fail me expect for = WAT DA HECKS!!!?? (I love the looks of terror on the Imp’s faces… mostly Tears’.)

  3. pikinanou

    aww I wanted him to be Mike Holmes 😛

  4. Random Guy

    …. he looks like a creepy ice cream van guy.

  5. AstroTurtle

    Now, does that look like the sort of man who should be sneaking into the rooms of young girls while they sleep?

  6. khamya9

    I agree with Eep, the lighting on this one is amazing.

  7. Chaos

    Did the Tooth Fairy outsource operations?