Tooth Fairy #13

Well, there goes Plan B.

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  1. LunarKnight

    Since TECHNICALLY it was Pains tooth, he gets the goods….right?

  2. Charlie Spencer

    Now some might complain that technology has put all those currency exchange professionals out of work. However, TF HQ anticipated this and wisely provided raining for those employees so they could remain with the firm in their new positions as tooth evaluators.

    “Technology, making new jobs from old ones!” (TM)

  3. pikinanou

    Yep, he’s definitively a Manny. :)
    But I do Wonder how much they’re going to send back for Pain’s tooth… or if they even send back anything at all, considering it’s not a human tooth…

  4. Aslandus

    Well… good thing Pain’s teeth are made of solid gold, that one will probably be worth enough anyway…

  5. Random Guy

    No deposit, no return.