Tooth Fairy #14

Well there ya go kids. Conclusive proof that eating a Dentist now and then is NOT the same as flossing.

Of course, if you still WANT to eat a Dentist, maybe a three times a year treat, don’t let us stop you.

Just remember to floss afterwards.

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  1. pikinanou

    There’s no cheating around buccal hygiene :) even for Imps… problem now is that they’re even more indebted that they were before

  2. Becky

    They could get the tooth back, by going in after it. Heh heh heh.

  3. khamya9

    In all honesty, I’m curious what goes into the bag next, and does pain ever get his tooth back (or grow a new one)?

  4. Kheda

    Or pain hits the tooth fairy in the mouth with alistair, then they send all the tooth fairy’s teeth through the portal :)