Tooth Fairy #17


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  1. Nekomimi

    Tears should be happy as noone ever.

    How she looks give him more job!

  2. Elihion

    … too stunned to think of anything to say… lying down now… um… yeah… lying down…


  3. Shirubia

    Need some mental bleach. Now.

  4. Snowgods

    ummmm the years have NOT been kind…

  5. Daiemio


  6. Charlie Spencer

    She may be the scariest thing I’ve seen around here.

  7. Moku


  8. Golux

    Heh, she’s a looker… Her glamour obviously gave out.

  9. pikinanou

    The face I did when I saw the last panel fits perfectly with the Imps’ ones :O

  10. Random Guy

    Huh, a goblin.

  11. AstroTurtle

    Eh, so the years have been harsh. She’s still rich. Probably has her own harem of muscular and well oiled men.

  12. khamya9

    Love the title “empress of enamel”

  13. Becky

    Poor imps can’t bear the tooth of what’s become of her.

  14. Piggiechoo

    I… am… speechless.