Tooth Fairy #19

I have no idea where the completely original and in no way influenced by anything like an old school video game character, might have come from.

These ideas just occur to us.

It’s a gift.

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  1. mattykins1


  2. Random Guy

    But first they have to dress up like Italian plumbers?

  3. Eeep!

    Well going by height and color scheme, Pain can be Mario, and Al Luigi, but what’s Tears gonna do?


    Please don’t answer that… [Shudder]

  4. Grim

    This is all a game to you isn’t it?

  5. Elfguy

    Where’s Kong’s bowtie?

  6. Piggiechoo

    I know a much pleasent answer! Tears could be a Blue Yoshi! Even though there isn’t Yoshis in that game…

  7. Charlie Spencer

    Don? Last name ‘Keek-hong?

  8. AstroTurtle

    What would the Toothfairy be employing a giant ape for, anyways?

  9. Dale

    @AstroTurtle – Those new baths don’t load themselves onto the trucks, y’know.

  10. DanMercury

    Wait, why climbing the tower? The can teleport!

    *thinks about it for a moment*

    Nah, who would pass a chance to play good old Don!

  11. Wizard

    Well, sure, Donkey Kong seems easy at first. How else would they suck you into playing?

  12. RazorD9

    So, it’s on like Donkey Kong then.

  13. J.P.

    @Dale this was just an excuse to draw Donkey Kong in context with the comic, wasn’t it? XD