Tooth Fairy #20

We have VERY understanding lawyers.

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  1. Snowgods

    yes, that is true,
    but Lawyers are evil – they MUST be if Alistair is consulting them.
    so therefore it can’t be true.
    Arrrgh my brains going to explode

  2. argentlupus

    Fourth wall? What is that?

  3. Chaos

    That is well played. Well played indeed.

  4. Piggiechoo

    HAMMA’ TIME! I bet if this was a show/movie/video, there would be Mario music in this secne

  5. Dale

    Music in the style of Mario, perhaps.

    For legal reasons.

  6. deeee

    Wish i still had this game… somehow I never got it back after lending it – and it was my favorite

  7. Ravenmane

    At least they don’t have to contend with a different parody on the same character. He can be found on the barren planet of Pandora. Borderlands, just to clarify from the other fictional planets with the same name. At least on Borderlands’ Pandora you can raid a vending machine for… uh… for safety reasons.

    Anyways, let’s get back to our parody already in progress…