Tooth Fairy #21

Of course Alisdair has a plan.

It’s what he does.

Also, please check out this Kickstarter project by our own Courtney Huddleston.  Yeah, I know I usually take every chance I get to mock him, but he’s got a great project that he could use your help getting off the ground.  Check it out.  Pledge to help make it happen and score some great extras…. and if you’re tight on funds, share it with your friends and family.

If you help him push this project over the top, you’ll make the Karma Imp very happy.

If you don’t, you might get a visit from Pain, Tears and Alisdair.

Any help you all can offer will be greatly appreciated.

Please and thank-you.

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  1. Random Guy

  2. Elihion

    Classic Chaplin (or Keaton, maybe even Laurel & Hardy)

    Nice to see the bad guy hoisted on his own petard.


  3. Charlie Spencer

    ‘Cause what’s more Misfortunate than slipping on a banana peel?

  4. Dannysmartful

    So if he slips and falls is that workman’s comp?