Tooth Fairy #22

What?  You expected the Imps to get all poetic and Carl Denham-esque?

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  1. Elihion

    I’m not afraid of heights, I’m afraid of grounds. They are the ones that do the damage.

    I mean really… why would anybody jump out of a perfectly working aeroplane, you know?


  2. khamya9

    I like how carefully the imps are watching. Like they expected him to do something about the fall. Could also be they just wanted to see him hit the ground…

  3. Aslandus

    Then he’s FREEEEEEEEE, Free fallin-
    It’s not as funny when they actually die…

  4. Random Guy

    Well, I’m glad he didn’t do THAT in the game.

  5. Piggiechoo

    HE”S GONNA MAKE IT! GRAB ON TO THE BAR! HE’S GONNA li- *spletch* whoops nevermind!

  6. Elfguy

    What would make this perfect is if, on the next page, they climb back down…and find the Tooth Fairy’s legs sticking out from under Kong…