Close Encounters #5

Well that’s a plot twist no one saw coming.


Obviously we did….

Well, some of us….

Ah who are we kidding, this thing is usually coming so thick and fast it’s rarely planned out in advance. ┬áMost of the time we don’t have the first clue what’ll be in the next strip!

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Discussion (6) ¬

  1. mattykins1

    Glad to Tears is holding it together, and shouldn’t Alisdair be taking notes?

  2. Kheda

    Does misfortune affect aliens? If so, aren’t they going to run slap bang into an electricity pylon?

  3. pikinanou

    Dealing with angels and psycho kitties: no problem. But dealing with aliens…
    I Wonder how they’ll get her back?

  4. Elfguy

    Well they can bamf onto the flying saucer no problem. Given their past escapades with NASA, their powers work just fine in space.

  5. Ravenmane

    I kinda wish one of them was screwed up by Pain just for kicks with a “what?” in the last panel. Oh well.

  6. MidnightDStroyer

    Sorry, I just couldn’t resist…