Close Encounters #6

Oh yes we did!

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  1. Sicarius

    Brilliant! Having lived in that particular town, I approve this strip…*stamps with officially unofficial exploding hamster stamp*

  2. Kheda

    Oh boy. This could get fun :)

  3. xaenon

    Love the commentary. And it’s true – nothing about that ‘church’ is holy.

  4. Grim

    *High Fives*

  5. Joe

    I think the guys need to level that “church”. Or trade the members for Lucy…..the irony of probing certain people….

  6. Elfguy
  7. Sauron Tallous

    Love it!!!

  8. Dragonrider

    Hee-Hee-Hee enlist a little help here also this should be good!!!!!!